• A mom on 20% works better than a mom on 2%

    Emily Chafin


    Dear Momma Friend, Please Go Recharge Yourself

    Yay! You’re pregnant. Woo hoo! You’ve just had a baby! I am going to be one of the first to congratulate any new momma because becoming a mother is amazing. It really is a blessing to be celebrated. “Momma/mommy/mom” will quickly become your identity and it’s a not a bad thing. At all. Like I …

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    Family Fun: The Silent Disco

    In recent years I’ve learned that mother/son and father/daughter date nights are a big deal. I guess having your own child makes you more aware of those things because it was never on my radar of must do activities. But I saw so many friends taking their littles to the father/daughter and mother/son date nights …

  • Beauty Maskcara

    Makeup for Mom Life

    Y’all I have to do a shameless plug here because there are lives that need to be saved. Kidding on saving lives, but I sorta can change them… Enter Maskcara Beauty. A makeup brand that’s made my heart sing so much that I signed on to get my own personal discount because of all that …

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    Fall Family Fun

    Fall means colder weather which means sweaters which means playing outside and not melting which means happy moms. Right? Well, if the heat would ever go away. Hello, KY weather. You’re crazy. Despite the current weather situation, there are still tons of fun things to do with your families that’ll get you into the fall …

  • Motherhood

    You’re Doing Great, Momma

    Motherhood is a strange beast. Motherhood mixed with social media is even more strange. Sometimes mom life is great. Sometimes there are struggles. Add in social media and the awful comparison trap we often find ourselves in and then you’ll slowly start seeing negatives instead of positives. You’ll start noticing that you haven’t put the …

  • Food

    Breakfast for Dinner: Homemade Gravy

      You cannot go wrong with breakfast for dinner. Ever. It’s pretty much a rule somewhere. You especially cannot go wrong when your husband has set out on a gravy making mission and has pretty much perfected his trade. It rivals my great grandmothers’ recipes. I’m not kidding. Here’s the sad part. I cannot give …