Let me bumpdate ya: I had every intention of keeping up with my pregnancy on the blog and using this as a method of tracking all the joys I was experiencing. As usual, motherhood had other plans for me. So here I go, starting more than half way through the pregnancy. Sorry baby #2… you ARE super loved.

We’re now at 22 weeks and this time pregnancy is flying by. I’m going to thank my toddler for keeping me busy and making it pass quickly. Because the first 20 weeks were not some to savor.

First Trimester

I was so shocked to see those two little lines appear on the test the day I took it. I tested way early (at least 5 days), mainly because our anniversary dinner was the next evening and I wanted to know if those queasy feelings I had been having meant wine was a no go for me at dinner. True story. Well. Wine was a no go. And that’s okay! What a good excuse to pass up a celebratory glass of champagne for your anniversary! My husband and I enjoyed our dinner with an extra level of happiness because we knew something the rest of the world did not. A new, little bitty baby was making its way into our hearts.

So happiness was a thing (and still is, of course

) but then the sickness started. Oh the sickness. I wasn’t sick with my first baby, a boy, and so I instantly thought “This baby has to be a girl.” Just because it was the complete opposite of my first pregnancy. I was sick from the time I opened my eyes until the time I laid down in bed, and even then I had to fight sickness just to go to sleep. It was rough. But it was worth it.

I kept having nauseous moments off and on throughout the days and it kept me from a lot of things I wanted to do this summer. Thank goodness my toddler isn’t picky and he didn’t mind hanging out at home a little more than we planned. He and his daddy were real champs dealing with grumpy ole momma bear who didn’t feel like functioning. That deserves a whole other post.

So the sickness was something I learned to deal with (you have to when you have a toddler around!) and I just kept thinking how blessed I was to have this little babe making me sick in the first place. I looked at the sickness in a whole new light when thinking about some of the things I’ve seen friends and loved ones endure.

Second Trimester

Then we approached the second trimester… and things started to get better. We decided to go through the genetic testing this time for a few reasons. You can read more about that decision and experience when I post the next blog piece. And along with that testing we decided to go ahead and find out early if baby was a boy or a girl. If you wanna know the results of that, check out the hilarious gender reveal post on our Instagram. Spoiler alert: it’s a baby girl!!

So that sorta catches you up to where I’m at this pregnancy. All the main highlights at least. The biggest highlight of all I’m saving for a separate blog post though.. and it’s probably the one topic I’m going to be extra passionate about. I experienced early labor with my son and ended up delivering him at 34 weeks after weeks of trying to keep him in the safest place he could be, my big ole belly. This time around my doctor suggested a medication to help prevent preterm labor this pregnancy, and I went for it, but then decided it wasn’t the best decision for me. I’ll blog more on that later. It was a definite roller coaster period of the pregnancy thus far.

Thanks for following along with me and my bump. I’m really eager to see baby girl in a few short months! In the meantime, say a prayer that she stays put because she’s got some more growing to do.


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