Women love to be pampered but you know what hinders those lovely moments? Motherhood. We’re here to tell you that no matter your place in the motherhood cycle, you deserve to be pampered! Even if being “pampered” means you get to actually wash your hair for once.

These are a few of our favorite beauty products and regimens that help us to feel human again.

Good Foundation

This Josie Maran foundation was mentioned in our Favorite Things post a few weeks ago and we’re still loving it. Funny thing is, we discovered after writing that blog post that Emily and Jennifer are using the same brand of foundation and primer but didn’t even plan that on purpose (although that’s something we would totally do). Separate visits to Sephora yielded the results that we’ve got the same dry skin and Josie Maran is evidently the bomb for that. The foundation isn’t even in the front of the store with the makeup. You can find it in the back with the skin care products, which is where Emily got this amazing tinted moisturizer. It’s even good to wear solo and the argan oil gives your skin a light dewy glow.


Pretty Nails

We took time a few weeks ago to go get manicures and pedicures together on a Sunday. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and all of our kids were occupied (probably napping, toddler and teenagers alike) so we got out for a couple of hours and had some girl time. We quickly designated that to be a ritual because we’ve already been back two weeks later. Pretty nails are so much more fun and make you feel girly! Even if you’re just cooking dinner or changing diapers. We know those aren’t any ole tasks, they’re actually pretty hands on, which is why we’re loving the OPI Gel Polish that stays on (and shiny!) for weeks!


Blow Outs

Not talking the diaper kind. No, no. Keep those away. These are heavenly trips to the salon where you walk in with whatever hair you’ve got going on and leave with celebrity style volume and bounce. Blow outs are so much fun because you know you won’t have to wash your hair for at least a couple of days and you’re definitely good to sleep in a little extra the following day because you won’t have to touch a single hair! Dry Art  Blowdry Bar & Salon is my all time favorite place to get blow outs. And they were nice enough to let y’all in on the fun. Read below for details.

Raising Y’all and Dry Art Blowdry Bar & Salon have teamed up and we’re giving away one salon day to a lucky reader! And we are SO excited to share this with you! I know whoever wins this will have the best day ever getting her hair and makeup done at Dry Art.

We want you to walk away from this post thinking one thing: “I matter.” Because it’s true! You might be a woman who has to put others before herself, but that doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself some self love.

Everyone, gals and guys alike, should take time to find something that helps them recharge and, more importantly, make sure that special something is worked into a regular schedule. Even with life happening (because it does) there’s no excuse to not love yourself.



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