In recent years I’ve learned that mother/son and father/daughter date nights are a big deal. I guess having your own child makes you more aware of those things because it was never on my radar of must do activities. But I saw so many friends taking their littles to the father/daughter and mother/son date nights that I realized I need to get on that next year. What an amazing way to spend time with your child one-on-one and have a good evening being fancy!

Well I just learned that there’s another opportunity for this kind of fun in town and it’s for everyone, not just mother/son or father/daughter. This is a “bring the whole family” kind of fun, it’s local, it’s casual, and I am pumped!

Silent Disco is something I never even heard of but now I’m kind of hoping all events can have this set up. Ha! You wear these special headphones that sync to the different DJs who are playing music at the event and you can control the volume, as well as if you want to turn the music off completely so you can have a conversation. What?! (Need a visual? Here ya go.)

This is like a mom’s dream come true. Let the kid have his dance party and I can turn the music off for a second to have an adult conversation without raising my voice. Woot woot! I say this partially joking – but y’all, please tell me I’m not the only one who has to tell her kid “Momma is talking” over and over and over and over. Gimme those headphones!

The dance party will be Friday, November 9th, 2018 from 6-9 PM. And since it’s at The Mane on Main, it’s going to have such a fun downtown vibe!! There will be food everyone will love (hello, donut wall!), a silent auction, glow in the dark goodies, a photo booth, and lots more.

The best part is that this Silent Disco is an event benefiting Girls on the Run of Central Kentucky, a program that inspires girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident while using running to do so. I can get behind any organization that teaches young people they are amazing and valuable, and GOTR does just that. Through this program young girls (3rd-8th grade) are taught how to tap into true girl power. How awesome is that?!

I’m all about making a date night happen and this way the kiddos can join us which makes it a pretty much done deal. No stressing over babysitting. No worrying it’s too loud for the baby. The toddler burns off all his end of the week energy. I get a “date” with my hubby and family! And while supporting a great organization. I can’t wait!

For more info on this event, you can find all the information on the event page here.

My crew is excited to dance the night away. So get your glow gear ready and let me know if you’ll be there!