I love my weekly trips to Target with the kiddo. No joke, I look forward to it throughout the week. Even if the only thing we buy is popcorn and Starbucks (which is hardly ever the case), we stroll through the aisles and chit-chat, enjoying the world around us but intently tuned into one another.

I’m amazed at the kid’s growing vocabulary. Maybe we can attribute some of it to Friday Target runs. We can’t walk three feet without him spotting something he knows how to say and he’ll make sure you notice. Thanks for the help with that, Target.

This Friday wasn’t just a popcorn and Starbucks day though. As we made our way through the school supply section and into the aisle of kids crafts (why does this aisle seem to have so much more selection than when I was little?!), we found a box of huge tubs of finger paint with the little red and white clearance sticker. My favorite kind of sticker. Half off. Five bucks. What?! That’s a score in my book.

Obviously if we’re getting paint we need something to put that paint on. Lucky for us Target doesn’t disappoint.

Paper mache animals were stacked on the shelves. I grabbed a rhino and lion thinking those would be cute to paint until we both spotted the real winner.




Little E is obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment thanks to watching The Good Dinosaur, which he now asks to watch daily. On a good day it plays on our television no less than twice. Thank goodness for free on demand movies and my child loving one of them.

With a surprisingly bare buggy, we strolled to check out and head home. Someone was an eager beaver to paint his “tie-sue” (Really. That’s what it sounds like when he says “dinosaur” and it could not be anymore precious.)

After a nap we busted out the paint and had the best time saying colors and painting the “tie-sue.” Of course he had to be green like Arlo.

I cherish these moments and am so thankful my husband encouraged me to take time off of work to raise our son. If I didn’t, I’d miss Friday Target runs because I’d be too busy grading papers and making lesson plans.

This is the stuff motherhood dreams are made of. Mess and all.