Every year, February 15th is a much anticipated and exciting day for my family.  It’s the beginning of high school baseball season. Baseball is such a wonderful sport filled with not only a great group of boys and coaches, but a fun group of baseball MOMS! We not only look forward to watching our boys play baseball, we look forward to hanging out with our baseball mom group. We try to help each other out and keep plenty of supplies to share.

Although it’s a wonderful time, it can mean late nights, eating on the go, and lots and lots of laundry! We spend so many nights on the go. I have to plan ahead and have plenty of things in my car because I never know what I’ll need.

We live in Kentucky, a place where it s 35 degrees one day and 70 degrees the next. After freezing during the beginning of the season or getting sun burned later in the season, I decided to come up with a “survival kit” to help get me through the entire season!

I have the biggest tote bag! In it I stuff many things and leave it all in my car.

  • *Blankets…….Lots of blankets to share with my daughter and all of her friends!
  • *Sunscreen for hot days and Hand Warmers for cold days
  • *First Aid Kit…. Band Aids, Antacids, Ibuprofen, alcohol wipes
  • *Hand Sanitizer or antibacterial hand wipes….. Because it can get gross!!
  • *Seat Cushion……Man those bleachers are tough
  • *Snacks…. Protein Bars, Gummies, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Popcorn (These things are healthier and cheaper than your concession stand finds)
  • Umbrella….To shield from rain and sun!

Even being prepared, I still fail and end up eating an occasional hot dog and diet coke or getting take out on the way home.  I sometimes still need something that I don’t have in my bag.  But at least with some preparation, I can feel as though I’ve got the upper hand on this baseball thing most of the time!!

Let’s Play Ball!!



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