How is my baby TWO?!

I found myself asking that question all day long…

The second birthday was just as special as the first. There’s still a novel feeling relative to remembering the days of his arrival but it’s clouded over with memories that have been made since then. I hope I can always look back to the day he was born, embracing every detail. Maybe a very late birth story post will be in order.

In the meantime I’m choosing to spend some time focusing on the happy little celebration we had with family and friends. Because it was a blast!

Target wins again with Dollar Spot birthday gear!

We set up a Time Capsule station and guests wrote letters to 18 year old E.


Can’t have a party without sending the kiddos home with more sugar and goodies.

Jennifer is a baking champ (nothing new to you if you’ve followed our Instagram and seen all of her creations, uh yum!) and she helped in the BIGGEST way ever the morning of Emmett’s party. Armed with her icing colors and piping bag, we started baking cupcakes and a cake the moment I got the birthday boy down for a nap.

In hindsight, it was pretty bold to make the cupcakes and cake the day of the party on top of everything else I had going on. But I guess the college version of myself never went away because I really do work best under pressure. And 30+ guests coming to your house for cake in 4 hours was just enough pressure.

The cutest banners came from an Etsy shop ran by a mom-friend. I thought they were so cute, I didn’t take them down for a few days after the party! I gave her my idea for the carnival theme and she ran with it and did a great job! Definitely check out Ellie J. Handmade if you’re looking for some custom party decorations!

We lucked into getting a bounce house for the festivities and got even luckier with cooperative weather (I told y’all before, weather in Kentucky is craaaazy). Surprisingly E only shed a few tears of fear before realizing he was about to have the time of his little life.

A broken arm didn’t slow him down any! Goodness, I will not miss that green “super arm” this summer. Thankfully it’s gone now!

His little friends came by for some fun and made it even more special.

We also got cotton candy and popcorn machines to complete the whole carnival theme. They came from the same rental as the bounce house. If you’re in Lexington and need a fun party idea, you should definitely check into Incredibounce! They came before party time and set everything up then came back after the party was over to take everything down. They were amazing!

“Coco” and “Nonah” were the experts on the cotton candy machine.

Sugar on a stick = a real hit with kids.

Jenn Jenn took over the popcorn making and Cooper wanted to help.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.

Not sure if I’ll go with the same idea but new theme next year or what. But the bounce house was an absolute hit, evidenced by the two year old who still talks about it months after his party.