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The collection of TOMS shoes between the two of our houses is pretty astounding, which should speak for itself when we say we love TOMS shoes.

It’s nice to get new things but I think it’s even better to purchase something that gives back to others. Doing so gives you that nice, fuzzy feeling on the inside. When you buy these shoes you’re not only putting shoes on your feet, you’re putting shoes on another pair of feet and then some. And that’s something we can get on board with. It’s good to love shoes, but it’s better to love people.

Not to mention the shoes are cute, durable, and comfortable. All big musts for us moms.

My husband got me these super amazing TOMS sneakers for Christmas (along with a pair of Tieks, so I really must say he’s winning in the shoes department) and they’re my go-to for everything. You can dress them up or down and they’re sneakers, not just the typical canvas type I have bought previously. But the important information for you is that they’re on SALE here for a super low price. You’re welcome.

These are some adorable shoes I’m going to have to order for my toddler. Even he can learn to give back and be fashionable .
Writing this post made me think about the ways people can give back while doing their normal, everyday shopping and inspired me to explore more ways I can do so myself. At church a few months ago Jeremy Cowart spoke on the Purpose Hotel plans and that was absolutely inspiring. If you’ve not heard about this idea, you HAVE to check it out. This is exactly what I’m talking about with using your daily life to give back.

If you’ve got a really cool outreach we should know about, send us the info! We’d love to learn more ways we can help others through our normal routines.



TOMS Shoes

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