Y’all I have to do a shameless plug here because there are lives that need to be saved. Kidding on saving lives, but I sorta can change them…

Enter Maskcara Beauty.

A makeup brand that’s made my heart sing so much that I signed on to get my own personal discount because of all that I wanted. Haha. But that wasn’t my number one reason. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it was a factor though.

I signed on to sell Maskcara right at the first of the year. I had just taken off work due to bedrest and beginning my maternity leave and it dawned on me that I could possibly let this interest develop into a little side gig.

What I didn’t realize was that making money wasn’t my driving force. Of course, who doesn’t like a little extra cash here and there….. but that wasn’t it for me. Helping other girls feel more secure in their skin and showing them how to embrace their own beauty – that did it for me.

I found this makeup when I was 5 months pregnant and running out of my standard Sephora haul. Gaining pregnancy weight and a round face was not the most exciting thing for me, but guess what yall? Highlighting and contouring saved the day. This stuff was so easy that the makeup novice Emily was able to do it and also found that it was turning my frown upside down. Well, contouring it at least.

And that was it. I knew then and there if it could make my eyes see something and my heart feel something different about what I saw in the mirror when my body was changing so much (for good reason of course, but that kind of change is hard!), I knew it was something I could get behind.

And not only that, it’s made doing my makeup and getting myself together a breeze because of how simple it is to apply. Mom life requires simple, amiright? This makeup was basically made for moms. Bingo. Sold.

So long story short, you’ll probably see me sharing about how this makeup works and all the amazing things it’s done for me so I wanted to be up front with my readers and let y’all know that I sell this brand and I’ll get a commission off any sales you make through my page.  BUT. I would never promote something, especially to this degree, if I didn’t LOVE it. And I love it for EVERYONE.

But really. Maskcara is the bees’ knees and you need it now. K?

Let me know if I can ever help you out and help make your makeup routine easier!