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I have to admit that when it comes to baby blankets, I am a bit of a hoarder. Blankets seem to be one of the easiest gifts to give a new mom and that was certainly the case when I was pregnant with my son. But people didn’t just give us blankets. I asked for them. I recall going through Pottery Barn Kids with the registry gun clicking every single blanket type I came across. Did I really think I’d need all those different types of blankets? Nope (despite the Pottery Barn attendant assuring me otherwise). But I hoped that if someone wanted to get our babe a cozy blanket they would consider getting one like this plush sherpa baby blanket. And they did. Score for my boy because I want one in adult size.

The baby shower came and went. Then in no time I found myself having a baby and just a few days later the hospital let us take a squishy, little newborn home to care for all on our own. Yikes. That’s a fun story I’ll have to share with you later on. But any new mom knows what happens next. Sleepless nights galore. I eventually got the hang of the whole nursing thing and started to find a glimpse of a routine, which mostly consisted of nursing the baby, burping the baby, changing the baby, then getting ready to start the process all over again. That crazy cycle kept going and going while I was slowly finding myself watching more and more daytime television to occupy my time. TV and my social media saved my sanity, I tell ya. I’d scroll and scroll through Instagram just checking out what everyone was doing, searching for things to make life with a newborn easier, and so on. Then I found a whole world of companies ran by moms who had amazing goods to bring mommas like me some joy… including some baby blankets.

Like I needed any more of those.


This one store in particular had my heart from the first sight. The monochrome color scheme of black and white blankets was so precious and visually appealing, but also great for stimulating newborn babies developing eyes. I saw Modern Burlap’s expansive swaddle collection and decided that since I had been abundantly blessed at my baby shower with stroller blankets and things to keep my boy warm and cozy, I would get a muslin swaddle blanket because it was thin and could be used for a lot more than just a blanket (Uh, nursing cover/burp cloth… Hello, outside world!)

Cute little fella on his Modern Burlap swaddle

I told my husband about the company and on Father’s Day he handed ME, the mother, a gift containing the most thoughtful thing ever: a swaddle blanket with scripture on it saying “God has you in the palm of His hand. Isaiah 49:16” and a onesie from another mom-ran store that said “It won’t be like this for long.” Cue the tears. I wasn’t the dad. It wasn’t my day. That husband of mine is just so sweet. But isn’t the baby laying on that blanket even more precious? He’s a God-given gift for sure.

As he got older I knew I wanted to get more for him but he was outgrowing the need to be swaddled and definitely outgrew the desire to be contained. The blankets still work for us beyond the nursing times. We’ve got one in his room for snuggling. One in the car for cozy car rides. And one downstairs he likes to lay out and drive his cars across. You can never have too many blankets. Trust me. I know.

We did a little Valentine’s Day shoot with Kelsey of Malicote Photography and the XO swaddle was the perfect prop! This boy is sweet as sugar and I could just eat.him.UP!

Just for our readers, Modern Burlap is offering 10% off your entire purchase by using the discount code RaisingYall until March 5th. Go snatch up some swaddles for your babes or any babes on the way!


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