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We have lots to love this week, primarily this crazy Kentucky weather being 80 degrees outside today. Tomorrow is supposed to be half that. Welcome to Kentucky. So sunshine happiness aside, we’ve got a few things on our mind that we’re enjoying and thankful for on this FriYAY.

New Foundation

Jenn recently visited Sephora for a quick pop in to try a new foundation. This time she got Josie Maran at the recommendation of the makeup goddess working at Sephora (seriously, some of those gals know EVERYTHING about makeup!) and it’s been amazing! It’s a buildable coverage that can be as little or as much coverage as you want.  Also has a dewy finish that is amazing for dry skin!

Corkcicle Gloss Turquoise 16oz Tumbler

Tumbler Cups

These are the handiest little things to keep us on top of our water intake. Between the Yeti, Corkcicle, and Tervis cups we are covered with products for keeping drinks ice-cold. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up the water drinking when the water is plain so we’ve found that adding flavored add-ins makes it even easier. Take it from us mommas, drinking your water is important! You can get a Corkcicle tumbler just like one of ours by clicking that pretty turquoise blue tumbler or a Tervis tumbler by clicking here.

Domino’s Take Out

Yep. You read that right. Our husbands were away for business trips this week and we partook in take out to make life easier. The teens picked Domino’s pizza and little E wanted french fries so he got some french fries and chicken nuggets. Take out makes mom life easier and sometimes that’s absolutely necessary (just a #momtruth, y’all). Considering there was a new “baby” visiting Jenn’s house this week, they had their hands full and anything to make evenings easier is a must when you have kids of any ages.

Crayola Triangle Crayons

These crayons are little E’s favorite to “coh-tee” (color) with and he does such a good job of holding them thanks to the triangular shape. The giant coloring pad assures that crayons stay on the paper and not on the table or floor. If you’ve got little ones in your house, these are a must and Zulily has them on sale right now for a few more days. Check out their selection (it’s 50% off!!) here.

Lazy Days

We’re blessed by these lazy days. Emily’s husband got back from a week-long trip and now we’re all soaking up some free time together. Jenn’s husband is coming home today too, so it’s a fun day of being back with family and enjoying each other’s company. Plus the “baby” went back to school today so Jenn is super happy there’s not a newborn school project at her house anymore. Trust us, you’re gonna want to read about this experience next week.

We hope you’re having a Friday that’s wonderful and lovely!


Jennifer and Emily

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