It’s November and it’s the time everyone starts talking about things they are thankful for…

Family. Friends. Pumpkin pie. Those hit the tops of everyone’s list. Especially mine. Hello, pregnancy.

We want to take a moment to show our gratitude for some things that are often times initially overlooked, but oh so important to this holiday season. Here are two things that have hit home for me this week:


We’re trying to get everything done, and I mean So naturally we’re going to lose it from time to time. Shopping for presents (an unnecessary evil, in my opinion), shopping for meal prep, meal prep, the meals, the gatherings, going from here to there, oh – and we decided to potty train our toddler last week. So now we get to tackle that every 30 minutes. Patience is so overlooked in my house mostly because it’s a trait that’s flown out the window with a lot of my other pieces of sanity. But. That’s not to say it doesn’t exist for me. It’s hard to find sometimes, but it’s there.

I’ve learned through being a mother that patience is something I not only have to work on constantly, but is something that is seriously gifted from above. When I lack patience, with my toddler, my husband, myself, or my Amazon Prime order, I can tell a huge difference in my overall personality. That’s why when I’m able to muster up the ability to have an ounce more of it, it is very much cherished. I’m thankful for patience. When I am able to find patience for myself I find peace. But more importantly, when others give it to me, I find that I’m loved.


Beyond patience I have to be thankful for love. Because here’s the thing. I’m a grown woman. I know and follow (most of the time) what’s acceptable within the confines of society. My toddler doesn’t know those things until he’s taught. That’s my and my husband’s job to teach him those things. When I lack patience or ability to be the best mom I can be, my toddler still loves me. He loves me even when I flat out feel like I have sucked as a mom.

My husband loves me even when I nag over little details about where things go in the house or when I forget to fold the laundry and it ends up in a pile on the laundry room counter. He loves me when the dishes should be done but I haven’t made it around to them just yet. And he loves me even when I don’t feel like I deserve it.

I am so thankful for love from those two and the unending amount of it they give to me day after day.

[bctt tweet=”When I am able to find patience for myself I find peace. But when others give it to me, I find that I’m loved.” via=”no”]

Sometimes as a mom and wife I feel that I’ve fallen short or failed the two (soon to be three) people who need me to fulfill my role in its entirety. The best part of slowing down this holiday season is that I’ve given myself time to focus on these overlooked little details and rake in some more appreciation for those two little words that really pack a punch.

I wish patience and love for each and every one of you this season.