It’s no secret we’ve been in and out of the blog world since starting our site. It’s a tough world to keep up with and it was becoming more chaotic the more we try to put into it. Writing blog posts weekly and keeping up with our social media was taking a toll on us. That coupled with motherhood (and pregnancy for one of us) meant exhaustion. And exhaustion often leads to burn out.

We don’t want to get burnt out. We just got started. But we need to find a happy ground to get our footing right. We can’t just start and stop. We must keep trucking right along so that we can build upon our initial mission: community among mothers.

That mission hasn’t changed. In fact, it might be more serious now that we’ve had some time off to focus on what we really want to accomplish.

For that reason, we’ve decided to drop the Local aspect of our blog and instead focus more on ministry. There’s a lot more to be accomplished within that realm than there is for us to spend time sharing the greatness that is Lexington, KY. Don’t get us wrong, we love you Lexington, and we will continue to share all your goodness with our readers, but there’s a bigger picture here.

That bigger picture is one where God keeps tapping us on the shoulder and urging us to turn around and take a closer look at what’s around us. While we’ve been walking in the direction of building a brand and a name for ourselves with this blog, we’ve been walking further from our mission of bringing women together in community.

That might not make a ton of sense but the steps to building that brand led us further from actually connecting with other women. The technicalities of keeping up with social media, following the right accounts, commenting and liking posts within comment pods, and making sure to have good material to post on a consistent basis was exhausting. And we were missing our main goal.

Lest I remind you, we’re moms. Between our two households we’ve got college kids, a high schooler, a toddler, and a baby on the way. There’s a lot required of us moms. The pursuit of more likes and followers just wasn’t on the radar and, while that may cause a dip in the growth of our community for now, it’s just not who we are to put our family on the back burner.

Family always comes first.

So here we are, friends, coming to a new crossroads. We want to continue what we’ve started but we also want to continue growing our community of women who need to feel acknowledged, appreciated, heard, and even loved. Moms or not. That’s what we want to give to the world. Because that’s what the Lord has laid upon our hearts.

In the past few weeks we have encountered a lot of sermons at church, lessons in Bible study, and even just regular ole conversations that have led us to the conclusion that this is not about us. It’s about bettering ourselves as mothers so that we can better others and in turn better our children.

It’s never been about the growth of the blog, but it sure felt like it for a while. It’s easy to get caught up in it all. And when the numbers stay the same for a while it’s easy to feel like a failure. But the truth is this: if one woman reads our work and walks away feeling fuller than she came to our blog, that’s a win. That’s all we want. To fill one another up with whatever it is we may need.

We rise by lifting others. So simple. So true.

In the future, be on the lookout for more posts on our ministry goals as well as more posts on how we are hoping to grow our community. We’re so thankful for each of you. Really.

So much love,

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley

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