I’ve included a discount code for the service at the bottom of this blog post but I want to mention up front that we are NOT compensated if you decide to try this out, this is just a honest review from a real momma. Sharing is caring!



Busy. Busy. Busy.

That’s what life has been lately. Busy with work. Busy with approaching the end of the school year as a teacher. Busy with the end of school coming up for the big kids. Busy with baseball. And t-ball. Busy, busy, busy.

I’m sure you can relate. Moms are constantly in the state of going and rarely pausing (although a sermon at church recently highlighted the importance of taking a “pause” so that is something I hope to focus on in the near future… hopefully I will listen and maybe I’ll blog about it.)

I need to pause and take a break just to take in all of the amazing things around me. I am genuinely thankful to be busy! There’s something about having places to go and people to see that makes me stress and joyful at the same time. It’s not all that bad.

I’m hoping to be more intentional about my downtime in the evenings. That’s why I’m taking shortcuts however I can. Dinner is typically planned a week ahead because I *try* to grocery shop once a week.

Shortcut number one: online grocery ordering. Kroger ClickList has saved my life! I don’t worry about toting a toddler into the grocery store anymore because I can pull in and pick up my order without getting him out of his car seat. Major score there.

Something about hand written notes makes me happy.

Shortcut number two: Nurture Life.

E is currently in the picky toddler phase where he’s discovered foods he really likes (usually the ones I don’t want to give too often) and refuses some foods when he’s not interested. That poses problems when the adults of the family do not want to eat nuggets for every meal. So I have a subscription to Nurture Life and they help solve this dilemma by sending 5 meals a week that are ready to heat and eat.

Guys. They are super yummy! (And they’re organic!) The one he wasn’t a fan of (tikka masala chicken, which is only because that’s way out of his taste profile) was a yummy lunch for me! But the kid gets so excited over the spaghetti and chicken meatballs. No lie. I had to get two of those in the upcoming box.


So I want to share this goodness with you and see if maybe this service can help bring a little calm to your evening chaos when it comes to feeding your children. They offer meal plans for infants to teens, puréed food to bigger meals and everything in between. You’re also able to pick the exact meals that are shipped to you!

Until the end of May you can use the code “RAISINGYALL” for $30 off of your first order! This is just a code for you to use and we do not receive compensation for you trying the service. My family loves this service and we partnered with Nurture Life to spread some dinner time love.

Let us know what your kids think of these meals! We hope your family grows to love Nurture Life as much as we do.