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After I found out I was pregnant with my now toddler son I discovered I no longer wanted to try on clothing. And now that I’m expecting baby number #2 I’m feeling the exact same way. Wonder why? Well, let me tell you.

Going to a store and walking out of every dressing room with only disappointment was hard. It was at this point I knew that with my growing body I would also grow a desire to skip the dressing room.Pregnancy changes everything for me. As I grow I find myself struggling to find clothing for the bump and it becomes harder and harder to buy clothing because the dressing room isn’t a place I find happiness.

Long ago I somehow came across this website called Stitch Fix. I wish I could tell you exactly how I found it but hello, mom brain.

So here’s what happened. I signed up, paid a fix fee, and I told a personal stylist what I was hoping to try on.

And the coolest thing ever happened after that. I was shipped a box with clothing that was hand selected by someone who read my wants and wishes.

My first pregnancy I remember receiving notes from my stylist saying “Hope you find something you’ll enjoy wearing out on date night!” or “Here are some fun baby shower dress options for your shower next month.”

Unique responses to what I had requested for that fix. Personalization that aims to please. And they include cards that will show you various ways to dress each item.

So you get a box shipped to your door. You try on the items in the box and decide what you like and what you don’t. Whatever you like, you keep and pay for and you send the rest back in the prepaid envelope.

The “fix fee” goes toward the purchase total as well. So that’s nice. There’s even a discount if you were to keep every item from the box. I never kept every item but it’s an option.

This month I got a Fix with some tops and dress options, all from maternity designers. I will be honest, I didn’t like one of the shirts at all so I didn’t even bother taking a picture of it. And another top just wasn’t my style so I didn’t try it on either. But the dresses and this tank were super cute!

I really didn’t mind trying on clothing at home because I didn’t have to face the pressure of the dressing room. Now that I’ve got a toddler and a baby bump, there’s no shot I’ll be hitting the dressing rooms anytime soon even if I felt like it.

Whether you’re bumpin’ or not yourself, you should give Stitch Fix a whirl and let me know what you think!

You can sign up for your very own Stitch Fix here. And a special surprise for our readers: if you try it before the end of November, your first Fix styling fee is waived!