My kid loves french fries. I cannot explain it any other way than love. He LOVES french fries. I’ve been buying him frozen sweet potato fries to make at home a few times throughout the week but when we go out to eat he usually gets regular french fries because that’s the norm these days. A few of our local spots have some really fabulous sweet potato fries (like Josie’s in Chevy Chase… oh man) but you cannot always find good sweet potato fries. I guess you could call little E a french fry connoisseur because he knows what’s good and what’s not. Just ask him.

So in an attempt to change up his french fry obsession, I decided to give broccoli its shot at the job. Since E also likes tater tots, I found a recipe from Pinterest and decided to give it a whirl.

Then I got tired of chopping the broccoli, worrying I couldn’t get it “tot” enough, so I busted out the blender. That’s a normal mom thing: find something to make your life easier and go with it.

Well it worked. Have you ever chopped broccoli in the blender? I can now say I have and it wasn’t that bad! It actually gave the perfect tot consistency.

Rolling the tots wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be either. I think about half way through I managed to find my tot rolling game to be on point. And I also worried that they’d fall apart while baking but that didn’t happen either. These tots were so easy to make.

Their golden coloring gave the appearance of a regular tot and the green let the broccoli shine through for doing its job. I believe my package of broccoli was slightly less than the 12 oz the recipe called for, so mine wasn’t as green to begin with. Tater tot making: check! Little E enjoyed these and I had some left over to save for later. I paired it with some homemade baked chicken nuggets and it was the perfect mix up for his go-to favorite meal.

You should give the recipe from Gimme Delicious Food a try yourself! It was so easy!! And I promise it’s yummy. My husband even tried them and thought they weren’t half bad (his way of saying they’re actually the bomb diggity but he doesn’t want to admit he likes broccoli tots).

Let me know if you make these for your littles and what they think!