We live in Kentucky, home of the weather that’s never on schedule and always confusing your sinuses, so we battle lots of colds each year. Most of which end up being around your typical winter time/flu season, but there’s always those Kentucky allergies that kick in year round, sunshine or snow.

Needless to say, we are perfecting not only how to handle a cold, but how to kick its booty right out our households’ door. So today we’re tackling a different kind of recipe to help with that process: shower vapor bombs.

The inspiration for these shower bombs came from Jennifer’s daughter who came home from school one day with the brilliant idea to make a batch for her boyfriend who was down for the count with bronchitis. Isn’t she sweet?? Neither of us had ever made these shower bombs before so it was up to N to teach us the magic.

The Honest CompanyBasically, you gather up all the ingredients and place them in a lined muffin pan to solidify and once hardened, you throw one in the floor of the shower to dissolve into hot, steamy vaporizing goodness that’ll help keep many of those yucky Kentucky cold symptoms at bay.

The process was fairly simple. Or so we thought. Luckily we had an expert to help us.

Here’s our recipe for the bath bombs. Make a batch and store in a cute apothecary jar for yourself or stick in a mason jar to give away as a gift. With this being SO easy to make it would be such a neat gift for someone you care about!

I know we’re making a double batch this round so that a stash can go to each of our houses. Between our hubbys having head colds, the kids coming home from school with whatever is going around there (especially little E — preschool germs are a nasty cycle you just can’t shake), and us having to tend to all of the above, we’re gonna make sure these are handy.

Shower Bomb Recipe

1/2 cup of baking soda

1 cup of corn starch

5 tablespoons of Vicks vapor rub

Add a teaspoon of water as needed

In a bowl, mix together your corn starch and Vicks until it’s well combined then add in the baking soda. Depending on how the texture looks, you may need to add a teaspoon of water as needed, but only add one teaspoon at a time until you are happy with the mixture. You don’t want to add too much otherwise the molds won’t set. Then put into a mold (ice cube tray, chocolate mold, whatever you like!) and let freeze for a couple of hours. Throw one into the shower when you’re feeling yucky!

Stay healthy friends!



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