You get to see just how small the world really is when you meet people from your hometown currently living in the same city as you and your little family, just hours away from where you grew up. That’s pretty much what happened when Jennifer and Emily’s inner circles crossed a while back. After they got to know each other through mutual friends they discovered that their families meshed so well together that having regular family-friendly hangouts became a necessity.

Over the years of spending time together they all became family. So much so that when Emily and her husband were looking for a place to plant their growing family’s roots, they considered being close to Jennifer and her family and built a house in the same neighborhood. One could call this group of friends “tight knit” but that would be a huge understatement.

Jennifer, a mother of three older children, began sharing her wisdom with Emily, a new mom of one, and a motherhood bond was created and best friends bloomed out of it. Jennifer taught Emily the basics of living with a new, extremely needy family member in the house, hosting a fun get together, and how to make the most delicious homemade cupcakes AND icing you will ever lay your hands on. These basics of homemaking are what Jennifer excels in and Emily admittedly hopes to learn. And with Emily’s stint in motherhood beginning only recently, Jennifer is able to learn from her as well and apply a fresh look on how she she’s raising her teens. Let’s not overlook the fact that her teens make great babysitters for the little guy so it’s a match made in heaven for all the parents!

A mom who’s “been there” took a new mom under her wing and welcomed her into motherhood with open arms and a glass of wine. Teaching each other skills, new and old, showing how to raise a child in today’s world, and encouraging each other’s families to thrive are part of every day life for these moms. So it’s important to share that kind of motherhood love with others, and that’s where the idea of Raising Y’all came to be.

No matter if you’re a mom of one, a mom of many, a soon-to-be mom, a hopeful mom, a pet mom, or any kind of mom, you are never “just a mom.” You are so much more. It takes a LOT of skills to raise a child and those skills that must adapt as the child grows. We hope y’all will come along with us and enjoy watching our journey through motherhood grow alongside our kids.