Y’all, we’ve got big news. Exciting news.


I’m excited, in case you can’t tell. Our crew is expanding! All of us at Raising Y’all gets to raise one more because there’s going to be a new baby in town!

Not sure how else to top that. And there’s no sense in playing a “keep reading” game with y’all because we’re all incredibly happy about this new bundle.

Our whole blog existence is based on the idea of motherhood and how Jennifer and I are raising our families. Motherhood is our identity, our job, our passion, our everything. I’m blessed to become a mother again and it really is a gift from above. I see no other way to describe it.

I took my little man out to a pretty park in Lexington to snap some photos of him with his latest reading material.

My firstborn is embracing his new role pretty well… or at least after some encouragement. How else do you expect an only child to react to the news at 2 years old? However, when you ask him if he wants a baby brother or a baby sister, he is adamant about having a baby sister. We will just have to see in a couple of weeks if his prediction is correct.

He can be so sweet, but when he’s over photos, he’s over photos. This photo is hilarious because he looks like he’s genuinely pouting over the news. I promise he’s a little more excited than this pouty face shows. Every morning when we’re getting ready he asks to say “hi to the baby” and it’s the.cutest.thing.ever.

And this is where the photo shoot took a turn… He is the funniest kid I’ve ever seen.

So if you’re interested, stay tuned for some “bumpdate” posts over the next few months. I’ll try my best to share this part of the journey with you once this crazy morning sickness stuff goes away. *Fingers crossed it’s going to go away.* In the meantime, if you have any remedies for this awful part of pregnancy, please, please, puhlease send them over. I sure could use all the help I can get because ginger ale and crackers are barely cutting it anymore.

Despite the sickness I’m still over the moon to see my family grow to four, my son become a big brother, and to have a new sweet, little face in our every day life!