There is no denying that we enjoy any excuse to get together and have a fun time. Turns out, launching a blog is as good as any to have a party! So we sent out invites, made some really tasty appetizers, and popped some beautiful pink champagne. Our family and friends showed up for a little shin dig that gave us all the warm fuzzy feelings your heart could desire. Talk about support… we have it! Hope you enjoy some of the pictures from our launch party night!

Our kiddos and the reason we’re Raising Y’all

Our children make our world go round. They’re why we’re moms and why we’re telling our story!  While one is just starting his childhood and the other two are entering adulthood (way too fast, I might add!) we practically have to pinch ourselves just thinking about being their mommas. Sometimes we think our hearts may burst from all of the love!

Jennifer, Emily, and little man

The kids enjoyed the launch party as much as the adults.  The older kids invited friends over to join in on the fun and chase the little one who kept stealing all of the sweet pink cupcakes from the buffet table! He is the perfect height to become a professional cupcake taker!! They had such a beautiful fun filled night. They enjoyed the sugar, helped us do our very first giveaway live on Instagram, laughed, and loved!!  They didn’t want it to end either!

Teenage love and a brother photobomb


Sneaky little cupcake thief.


The whole Raising Y’all crew.

And here’s the whole big bunch of us! We are so excited as moms to share all the things we do with the special people in this picture. Even though our lives with our children are on opposite ends of the spectrum, we meet in the middle and we couldn’t ask for any better life!  Talk about a framer. This one is going on the mantle.


Jennifer and Emily

Celebrating Life, One Event at a Time!


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